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Strategic Thinking

Dorie Clark

5 mins

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In Strategic Thinking, career and personal branding expert Dorie Clark shares valuable insights into why strategic thinkers succeed and how you can hone this skill yourself.


Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

by Dorie Clark


Strategic thinking is an essential and valuable skill, especially as you climb the corporate career ladder. However, many of us have little idea what it means to think strategically. Strategic thinking isn't taught in schools. The only way to learn it is to take the initiative to figure it out.

Dorie Clark, an author and professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, believes anyone can be a strategic thinker. All you need is an open mind.

Learning strategic thinking is crucial to our advancement and growth, and failing to build this skill will only lead us to sell ourselves short. In this course, Clark dissects strategic thinking in detail, from planning strategies to executing them.

Favorite quote

Most people don't take initiative, so when you do, and you show that your ideas are good and take into account the big picture, it will mark you as a leader.

- Dorie Clark

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