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Storytelling for Social Change

University of Michigan, Anita Gonzalez Ph.D.

5 mins

3 key insights

Visual, audio & text

In Storytelling for Social Change presented by the University of Michigan, the art of storytelling is explored as a means of connecting diverse audiences and catalyzing social change.


Storytelling for Social Change

Storytelling for Social Change

by University of Michigan


Stories have long been a tool used for connecting people, sharing information, and even shaping societies. Storytelling is a powerful art form that can be learned and developed with foundational knowledge and practice.

In Storytelling for Social Change, an online course presented by the University of Michigan, Professor of Theater and Dance Anita Gonzalez explores the art of storytelling and unravels its hidden powers. A well-told story is not only engaging, but it can also move others to develop greater empathy and challenge old ways of thinking.

Gonzalez hosts numerous guests who share their experiences with storytelling from different perspectives – writing, theatrical, and visual.

Favorite quote

When you empathize with a character, you understand their perspectives and choices. A good storyteller can get their audience to empathize with characters they may not agree with or even like.

- Anita Gonzalez Ph.D.

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