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Stop People Pleasing

Patrick King

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Stop People Pleasing is a practical guide on how to avoid falling victim to other people's plans and goals. After all, always helping others meet their goals means that you risk forgetting about yours.


Stop People Pleasing

Stop People Pleasing

by Patrick King


We live in an increasingly agreeable world. Simply saying 'no' often becomes an insurmountable obstacle. In such an atmosphere, a lot of people are ready to go out of their ways just to maintain the social status quo, being a good person to everyone but without having any genuine friendships.

Patrick King, a social interaction specialist, shows us why real social bonds don't have anything to do with people-pleasing, and why being a people-pleaser actually makes it harder to establish real friendships.

King offers advice on dating, communication skills, and personal image, both via his consulting business and the numerous books he's written — Read People Like a Book, How to Say No, and The Science of Overcoming Procrastination.

Favorite quote

A people-pleaser is worried about rejection. They have a need, as we all do, to be accepted and treasured.

- Patrick King

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