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Stop Making ExcusesBy Gary John Bishop

In a Nutshell

Stop Making Excuses is a wake-up call for all of us who keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over - and a completely new philosophy of self-reflection.

Favorite quote

If you keep living the same life over and over and over, there's no freedom in that. You're constrained. You have to be you. In other words, you have to be the You that you have become and you must find the kind of problems in life that will perpetuate that You.

Gary John Bishop


We're all held back by our biases and habits. It's a vicious circle that goes on and on, and often success seems unreachable. This is what personal development deals with – it helps us get out of the vicious circle of negative thinking.

Stop Making Excuses is about your self-improvement journey. It's about all the excuses you use to keep yourself away from real success and self-actualization. In this course, Gary John Bishop methodically approaches each hurdle that everyone has to jump over on the way up. His core idea is that your greatest enemy is, simply, yourself.

Bishop, a leading expert in the Personal Development field, has helped thousands of people reach their full potential and worked with some of the best personal development agencies in the world, gathering the essential experience for his coaching program. With his 'to the point' attitude, Bishop motivates people to find what makes them so unique and original.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Your conclusions shape your behavior – you’re not simply reacting to the environment
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