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Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Maya Adam

5 mins

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This course from Stanford University breaks down food science and food industry tricks to provide simple steps for achieving a healthier, more rewarding lifestyle.


Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

by Maya Adam


Despite the countless confusing marketing tricks and esoteric biology of food, it’s surprisingly easy for consumers to incorporate basic food science into their grocery shop decision-making.

This five-week Coursera course was created by Maya Adam, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine. Adam built the course in collaboration with the Stanford Food and Health Team, and it is also aided by interviews with Michael Pollan, Professor of Science and Environment Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

This course teaches us how to use this basic understanding of food science to find a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Favorite quote

When long-term health is the end goal, the quality of our food matters just as much as the number of calories we consume.

- Dr. Maya Adam

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