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Sorting Truth from FictionBy Justin Reich, Sam Wineburg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In a Nutshell

Professors Justin Reich and Sam Wineburg break down the challenge of online fact-checking and reveal the best strategies for evaluating source credibility in a digital world.

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Education moves slowly. Technology doesn't. If we don't act with urgency, our students' ability to engage in civic life will be the casualty.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The critical thinking skills that many of us were taught at school are now outdated.

These skills were not designed for the internet age, and need to be updated to accommodate the bombardment of information we face daily.

MIT professor Justin Reich is an expert in media studies who has published writing on educational technology, while Standford professor Sam Wineburg writes about evaluating online sources for credibility.

Reich and Wineburg have invested their careers in digital literacy education and developing its curriculum for the next generation of digital fact-checkers.

Sorting Truth From Fiction, a course from MIT and edX, explores the fundamental principles of online fact-checking.

The instructors highlight the crucial skills many internet users lack and offer straightforward advice on how to build them in a constantly evolving digital environment.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Good fact-checking requires more than just strong reading skills
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