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Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

Meridith Powell

5 mins

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Unlock your persuasion potential with Soft Skills for Sales Professionals, as sales strategist Meridith Elliott Powell teaches how to hack your soft skills and boost your emotional intelligence.


Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

by Meridith Powell


Do you struggle with increasing your sales and creating deeper, more fruitful business relationships with your customers? Oftentimes, we can focus on numbers so much that we forget what truly makes or breaks a sale: the human relationship at its core.

Strengthening the bond between you and a client is key to getting them to buy. So, how do you truly hack a sale? In today's competitive world, using psychology combined with economic principles is essential for a successful business model.

Are you ready to develop your emotional intelligence and your active listening skills to make customers trust you and your business? Learn how to become a storyteller as well as a salesperson in this course, and convert your soft skills into the results you're after.

Favorite quote

According to a study by Development Economics, sales professionals that excel at soft skills outperform their competitors by more than 30%, in areas such as close-ratio, size of sales, and customer retention.

- Meridith Elliott Powell

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