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Socrates: A Very Short Introduction

C.C.W. Taylor

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Socrates: A Very Short Introduction, is a concise yet in-depth look at the Greek philosopher's life and contribution to western culture.


Socrates: A Very Short Introduction

Socrates: A Very Short Introduction

by C.C.W. Taylor


Socrates was perhaps the most influential philosopher in history. Yet for someone with such an outsized impact on Western civilization, we know surprisingly little about the man himself.

As an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Oxford University, Christopher Taylor has authored several books and histories on ancient philosophy. In this brief but well-researched account of the life and legacy of Socrates, Taylor traces the thread from the philosopher's life in ancient Athens to his influence on subsequent generations. Using a wide range of historical and modern sources, this book provides us with a comprehensive account of a figure that has often remained shrouded in mystery.

Favorite quote

As long as intellectual and moral integrity are human ideals, Socrates will be an appropriate exemplar of them.

- Christopher Taylor

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