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Social Media for the Creative Entrepreneur

Peggy Dean

5 mins

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This Skillshare course demonstrates how to leverage social media platforms to monetize your artistic and creative content.


Social Media for the Creative Entrepreneur

Social Media for the Creative Entrepreneur

by Peggy Dean


Before social media, gathering a following as a recognized artist was controlled by a company or an individual. Now, gaining exposure as a creator is possible for everyone. Every creator, from musicians to machinists, can build a following for free. All one needs is a well-curated and honest representation of their work.

Peggy Dean is an author, artist, and educator who built her art showcase – The Pigeon Letters – by growing and leveraging her social media following.

In Skillshare's Social Media for the Creative Entrepreneur, Dean lays out how to use social media to showcase artistic creations. Find out how to monetize a following while avoiding common pitfalls.

Favorite quote

The vibe simply exists if you want to stay true to you … people follow you for a reason and they follow your competition for a reason.

- Peggy Dean

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