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Shane Snow

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Smartcuts explains how people and businesses achieve rapid growth and build sustainable, profitable companies by working smarter instead of harder.




by Shane Snow


Wouldn't you love to skip the first ten years of a consulting career and start right at the partner level? Or have your YouTube channel explode to 500,000 subscribers in just two years, instead of ten?

That's exactly what Smartcuts is about. While shortcuts might bring down quality, smartcuts mean that you get where you want to go as efficiently as possible. Shane Snow is an entrepreneur and journalist who has dedicated his life to helping others improve their productivity.

In Smartcuts, Snow talks about strategy. By planning your future, prioritizing your tasks, and finding a mentor, you'll be able to work more efficiently for less time, and get the same results.

Favorite quote

Genius has less to do with the size of your mind than how open it is.

- Shane Snow

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