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Sitting Pretty

Rebekah Taussig

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Disability advocate and influencer Rebekah Taussig shares her story of growing up believing that her body was a problem because she didn't fit into an ableist society.


Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

by Rebekah Taussig


When Rebekah Taussig's brother asked her what she wanted to write about in her upcoming book, one word stood out in her mind: shame. For most of her life, Taussig felt shame around having a disability, believing that her body was a burden because it didn't fit into society's expectations and standards. In Sitting Pretty, Taussig weaves her life stories together, taking the reader on her journey from shame to acceptance to advocacy.

Taussig is known for her Instagram account, @sittingpretty, where she shares diverse stories about people with disabilities. Taussig's goal is to increase representation and tell honest stories about living with a disability in an ableist world.

Favorite quote

Disabled people are expected to cope with their own social ostracism, to handle being misunderstood and misrepresented, and at the same time to put at ease those who perform the ostracism.

- Rebekah Taussig

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