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She Comes First

Ian Kerner, PhD

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She Comes First is a guide to improving sex by emphasizing the female orgasm, explaining why changing your mindset about sex and focusing on more intricate stimulation techniques can be more enjoyable than intercourse for both men and women.


She Comes First

She Comes First

by Ian Kerner, PhD


Many of us are fed myths around sex – whether in the classroom or in day-to-day life – that then hold us back in the bedroom. We often presume that we have to have sexual intercourse every time. Not only is this false, but learning about the alternatives is the key to a whole new level of pleasure.

In She Comes First, sex therapist Ian Kerner shares his modern philosophy for pleasuring women in bed and how this can take your love life to the next level. Whether you're a novice or a total pro between the sheets, this Uptime Hack will provide you with the starting points for boosting your sex life. It begins with learning about female sexual anatomy, and how to utilize that knowledge for maximum pleasure — for both you and your partner.

Favorite quote

Men need to take the time to learn what most women know intuitively about their bodies – how to listen to and feel them.

- Ian Kerner

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