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Sam Walton: Made in AmericaBy Sam Walton

In a Nutshell

Sam Walton: Made In America shines a light on the man behind one of the biggest fortunes in the world. Sam Walton lets you in on how he built and turned Walmart into a billion-dollar empire with hard work, incessant learning, and a desire to focus on customer satisfaction.

Favorite quote

The two most important words I ever wrote were on that first Wal-Mart sign: 'Satisfaction Guaranteed.' They’re still up there, and they have made all the difference.

Sam Walton


Many Americans know Walmart as a place to get just about anything they need for cheap prices. But Walmart is more than just a store - it's an American success story.

Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart, the megastore chain that has become the world's largest private employer. In this book, Walton tells his story of achieving the American dream, with the help of John Huey, former editor of Time and The Wall Street Journal.

Sam Walton: Made In America delivers not only a great view of the historic development of retail business through the twentieth century, but also offers perspectives on Walton's life and character through quotes from his family and employees.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Good businessmen copy, great ones steal
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