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Running Lean

Ash Maurya

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From the pen of renowned entrepreneur Ash Maurya, 'Running Lean' is a short but substantial guide on building a successful business in today's innovation-hungry, competitive market.


Running Lean

Running Lean

by Ash Maurya


Beginnings are always hard, and startups usually have limited resources, creating pressure to release products as soon as possible. So how can startups efficiently use their resources while iterating their way to success?

Ash Maurya is a serial entrepreneur, having founded companies such as CloudFire and WiredReach. Known for his dedication to the lean startup model, Maurya created Lean Canvas to help entrepreneurs evaluate the core fundamentals of their idea.

In this book, the author takes us behind the scenes of making CloudFire and thoroughly explains the approach that helped him achieve success. From writing a clear business plan to creating an engaging teaser page, 'Running Lean' covers the entire startup process.

Favorite quote

What separates successful startups from unsuccessful ones is not necessarily the fact that successful startups began with a better initial plan (or Plan A), but rather they find a plan that works before running out of resources.

- Ash Maurya

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