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Resume Makeover

Jenny Foss

5 mins

3 key insights

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In this course, Jenny Foss discusses how to create a killer resume that catches the attention of recruiters by selecting the best resume format, using the right keywords, and customizing your resume according to the jobs you're applying for.


Resume Makeover

Resume Makeover

by Jenny Foss


Creating a resume can be a tedious task. But for something that nearly every working person has had to do, surprisingly few people are good at writing resumes, or appropriately crafting them for their career field.

In this course, Jenny Foss, a job search strategist, career blogger, and former recruiter, delves deep into how to revamp your resume. You'll learn how the game of resume building works and how you can create a fantastic resume step by step.

Favorite quote

Resumes aren't generally bad because you lack talent or you're not a genuinely remarkable human being. They're bad in large part because crafting a killer resume is hard for nearly everybody.

- Jenny Foss

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