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Reset Your Brain to Achieve Phenomenal Success

The Mindvalley Podcast , Vishen Lakhiani, Marisa Peer

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In this August 2021 episode of The Mindvalley Podcast, rapid transformational therapist Marisa Peer offers simple but life-changing mental strategies to become more successful.


Reset Your Brain to Achieve Phenomenal Success

Reset Your Brain to Achieve Phenomenal Success

by The Mindvalley Podcast


We are all born without insecurities or anxieties, but along the way, external forces repeatedly tell us we are not worthy. It's time to reset your brain and achieve your original self-assurance by making self-praise familiar and self-doubt unfamiliar.

On the Mindvalley Podcast, Vishen Lakhiani, CEO of Mindvalley, interviews people from all walks of life about mental health and spirituality. Marisa Peer is a therapist and public speaker specializing in hypnotherapy, whose clients include celebrities, CEOs, and royalty. In this episode from August 2021, Lakhiani sits down with Peer to discuss the importance of guiding your mind in the right direction through positive self-talk.

Favorite quote

Your mind doesn't care if what you tell it is right or wrong, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy; it lets it all in.

- Marissa Peer

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