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Repairing Your Reputation

Lida Citroën

5 mins

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Celebrated branding consultant Lida Citroën helps us navigate the trickiest parts of restoring a damaged reputation.


Repairing Your Reputation

Repairing Your Reputation

by Lida Citroën


What role does reputation play in our careers and how we can proactively cultivate a reputation that works for us? How do we recover after our reputation takes a hit?

Lida Citroën has three decades of experience as a personal branding and reputation management consultant, helping organizations and individuals all over the world get out of sticky situations and rebuild their reputations.

In this course, Citroën highlights the key reputation management principles we all need to be aware of even if we're not in a time of crisis. Citroën also draws from her experience with clients, sharing how she navigated through tough PR challenges.

Favorite quote

We act on logic, and we buy on emotion.

- Lida Citroën

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