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Recovering from a Financial Setback

Jane Barratt

5 mins

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This course by Jane Barratt explores the many options available to those trying to recuperate after financial disaster.


Recovering from a Financial Setback

Recovering from a Financial Setback

by Jane Barratt


We all know the general life plan: study, work, save, invest, and then retire. But this doesn't account for the many possible mishaps that can occur along the way.

Jane Barratt is a personal finance expert and the Chief Advocacy Officer at MX Technologies, She has designed this course to help those recovering from a financial setback.

This LinkedIn Learning course covers topics like expenses, income options, and how to reduce debt. Barratt's teachings will help anybody keen to learn how to move on from an economic loss and build better long-term financial habits.

Favorite quote

A financial setback, as painful as it may be, can be a great time to build your money muscles and form new habits that will bring better outcomes in the long-term.

- Jane Barratt

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