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Rebel Love

Dr. Chris Donaghue PhD

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Sex therapist and educator Dr. Chris Donahue debunks popular dating advice and offers a new approach to relationships, transcending gender stereotypes and sex-negative cultural attitudes.


Rebel Love

Rebel Love

by Dr. Chris Donaghue PhD


How do you date while rethinking gender and sexuality? Dr. Chris Donaghue is here to help.

Donaghue is the Director of Clinical Education at The Sexual Health Alliance and has hosted podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows which promote sexual health. In his book Rebel Love, Donaghue shares dating advice drawn from his experiences and those of his clients.

Growing up, Donaghue thought he had to be straight to survive in a heteronormative society. Over time, he began deconstructing harmful beliefs about gender and embracing his attraction to men, women, and other genders.

As a sex therapist and educator, Donaghue hopes to dismantle the old rules of sex and dating and help people of every gender and sexuality thrive.

Favorite quote

I'm in support of redefining gender, embracing all kinds of sex, killing stereotypes, and empowering people to be who they are, both in and out of the bedroom. There are no more dating rules or sex rules, period.

- Dr. Chris Donaghue

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