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Real Queer America

Samantha Allen

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Reporter Samantha Allen explores prospering LGBTQ+ communities in red states across America and the incredible people supporting them.


Real Queer America

Real Queer America

by Samantha Allen


What does it mean to be queer in America and how are LGBTQ+ communities evolving across the nation today? Author and reporter Samantha Allen reflects on her personal experience growing up male and Mormon and the challenges she faced when she came out as a transgender woman.

In a quest to discover and showcase queer communities in red states around the country, Allen embarked on a road trip with her friend Billy. Together, Allen and Billy met the very people who work daily to create safe communities for queer Americans.

In Real Queer America, Allen establishes the importance of LGBTQ+ communities across the United States and illustrates how far the nation has come in accepting and loving queer individuals.

Favorite quote

If queer people in red-state America manage to reach certain milestones before our blue-state friends – or simply seem to fight harder with fewer resources ... – it might be because we know how bad things can get if we don't try every day to make them better.

- Samantha Allen

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