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Read Better Faster

Silviu Marisca

5 mins

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This course will help you become a much more efficient reader, helping you stand out in a world where reading skills are on the decline.


Read Better Faster

Read Better Faster

by Silviu Marisca


We'll give away a little secret - people nowadays are reading less and less, while education becomes more and more important. But fortunately, being good at reading is not a god-given gift - it's something that can be learned, albeit with a little bit of work and perseverance. Silviu Marisca is an IBM project manager whose many years of experience helped him come up with the best ways to teach others and motivate them to improve their skills. During his years at the Paris Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Marisca realized that there's a more efficient way to approach reading.

In this course, Marisca addresses common reading problems such as reading too slowly, or having to read the same paragraph repeatedly because you're not absorbing any of the meaning. By combining speed-reading techniques with more in-depth, slower reading strategies, this course will help you become the most effective reader you can be.

Favorite quote

I'm just here to tell you that being able to read fast has nothing to do with how hard you learn. It has to do with the tools you're using. Effective reading is simply a skill, like riding a bike or playing cards, and everybody can do it.

- Silviu Marisca

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