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Raising Girls in the 21st Century

Steve Biddulph

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This practical guidebook teaches parents how to support their daughters through every stage of childhood and adolescence.


Raising Girls in the 21st Century

Raising Girls in the 21st Century

by Steve Biddulph


With easier access to the internet and the emergence of social media, parenting is different from what it used to be. How can you show your child that you're there for them when your worlds seem so far apart?

Author, psychologist, and activist Steve Biddulph is one of the world's best-known parental educators. Biddulph's books center around child development, providing parents with practical tips on raising their kids. In the updated 2019 edition of Raising Girls in the 21st Century, Biddulph sheds light on how to approach difficult subjects, including body image, sexuality, bullying, and puberty. Using personal anecdotes, scientific findings, and expert opinions, Biddulph helps parents understand their daughters better.

Favorite quote

As we free our girls from the monster machine that life has become, we set ourselves free too. Kids change us, and for the better. So your daughter – and her friends – can learn to fly.

- Steve Biddulph

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