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Queer Sex

Juno Roche

5 mins

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This unflinchingly open, honest collection of personal stories from prominent trans and queer activists covers intimacy, relationships, sex, sexuality, and gender identity.


Queer Sex

Queer Sex

by Juno Roche


Writer and trans activist Juno Roche thought that completing their post-operation transition to a woman would settle all their questions about their identity, sexual preference, and issues with intimacy. Instead, it generated more questions about what it means to exist on the trans spectrum and inhabit the labels that society tells trans people they should aspire to.

Whether you're queer, in transition, or an ally looking to better understand trans people and their struggles, Queer Sex shows trans people that they are not alone. Roche's interviews with queer, trans, and non-binary people present a broad range of experiences and ways of being.

Favorite quote

I feel like I have experienced a deconstruction of all of me and I'm left in bits and pieces, which I can now put back together in any chosen structure I like. I don't have to say I'm a heterosexual trans woman. I can be fluid and questioning.

- Juno Roche

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