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Purpose, Incorporated

John Wood, Amalia McGibbon

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Business gurus John Wood and Amalia McGibbon make a case for a new way of doing business – where social and societal impact is integral to the organization's operations, and purpose means just as much as profits.


Purpose, Incorporated

Purpose, Incorporated

by John Wood


Are capitalism and goodwill antithetical? John Wood is the founder of the award-winning education organization Room to Read and author of the influential Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. Amalia McGibbon is the author of The Choice Effect, an Amazon bestseller. Together, they show how focusing on purpose in business can benefit more than just shareholders.

Through case studies and real-world examples, Purpose, Incorporated explores the changing ideals of consumers and organizations. It highlights how the old 'profit over all else' ethos is making way for a new 'caring capitalism' – where the bottom line is not necessarily the most important thing.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers, Purpose, Incorporated presents an inspiring glimpse of the future of business.

Favorite quote

Companies that embrace purpose are ones that have chosen to focus on objectives larger than just the traditional financial metrics of success.

- John Wood and Amalia McGibbon

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