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Psychology of Influence and Human Behavior

Hamed Mardanpour

5 mins

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This course teaches a step-by-step method to gain more control over your actions and positively impact others.


Psychology of Influence and Human Behavior

Psychology of Influence and Human Behavior

by Hamed Mardanpour


Many of us are looking for ways to break free from the cycle of negative behaviors we seemingly can't help but repeat every day. But how can we rewire our brains without understanding how our minds operate?

Hamed Mardanpour is a personal coach who has trained thousands of people in public speaking, helping his clients tackle their fears so they can speak and live more confidently.

In this course, Mardanpour reveals the psychology behind human behavior, providing us with practical advice for improving our actions and fulfilling our desires.

Favorite quote

All of your behaviours, all of my behaviours, all of them are choices we make.

- Hamed Mardanpour

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