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Providing Trauma-Informed Care

Donn Kropp

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In Trauma-Informed Care, Registered Nurse Donn Kropp explains some common misconceptions about trauma and how we can work through it to improve health and wellbeing for ourselves and others.


Providing Trauma-Informed Care

Providing Trauma-Informed Care

by Donn Kropp


In the past, trauma has often been associated with emergency services and a need for recovery after major injury. But while single event trauma still calls for attention, increased understanding of human need now gives us greater perspective for a different approach in a changing world.

As a Healthcare Leadership expert, Donn Kropp works to help individuals throughout the medical field and the business world develop an updated understanding of trauma and how it affects society. In Trauma-Informed Care, the medical consultant and experienced trauma nurse takes a look at the main types of trauma and how to address them.

Decades of research and human observation have been compiled and reviewed to give us a usable format for working together to minimize the effects of trauma. By better understanding trauma, individuals and groups can work together to address the needs that lurk beneath traditional medical problems.

Favorite quote

Understanding trauma and its impact on our lives and society as a whole is perhaps our generation's new germ theory. Like hand-washing, people thought the idea of microscopic organisms causing disease and death was dumb and unsubstantiated.

- Donn Kropp

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