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Project Management: The Basics for Success

University of California, Irvine, Rob Stone, PMP, M.Ed.

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Learn how to effectively manage people and processes to achieve a goal, by studying the key elements of project management.


Project Management: The Basics for Success

Project Management: The Basics for Success

by University of California, Irvine


Projects are a unique type of work within an organization. Rather than regular, repeating processes like billing, a project is a finite venture with a defined goal. Successful project management helps businesses and individuals implement change.

Rob Stone is a certified Project Management Professional and university instructor. In this Coursera course offered through the University of California, Irvine, Stone shows us the fundamentals of the logistical and human sides of project management.

The course covers the entire project management cycle, from approval to closing. Along the way, we learn about the processes of stakeholder analysis and work breakdown structure, as well as human elements like how to deal with difficult team members.

Favorite quote

You have to be able to work with people ... Every time you assign a task to a person, all of a sudden it's, 'oh, I have to work with that person?' Yes, you do.

- Rob Stone

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