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Professional Business Presentations

Debora Sepich, Doane University

5 mins

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This informative course from business expert and university educator Debora Sepich explains the key concepts that anyone can use to give a professional presentation with confidence.


Professional Business Presentations

Professional Business Presentations

by Debora Sepich


Professional success can depend on organizing and presenting your ideas in a compelling way. Those who work in an organization will likely have to give a presentation at some point, so knowing how to deliver an effective one can help get your message across to your audience.

Debora Sepich is the Director of Graduate Business and Technology Programs at Doane University. She lends her expertise in software and business education to help people create quality professional presentations.

This course from Doane University presented via edX outlines how to organize, design, and deliver a polished presentation for any audience. Learners will discover how to combine written, oral, and visual elements into an engaging and persuasive multimedia experience.

Favorite quote

A speaker's knowledge, enthusiasm, and apparent confidence can influence people to accept or reject an idea in a way that a written document cannot.

- Debora Sepich

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