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Productivity for Creatives

Tanner Christensen

5 mins

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In Productivity for Creatives, entrepreneur, writer, and creativity game-changer Tanner Christiansen reveals insights on improving your focus, efficiency, and productivity when it comes to being creative.


Productivity for Creatives

Productivity for Creatives

by Tanner Christensen


Have you ever been terrified of a blank page? Or worse, had ideas but struggled to find the time to express them and give them justice? These are problems that all creatives are faced with daily.

Tanner Christiansen calls himself a 'creative strategist,' a term he coined to express the variety of topics and problems he tackles when teaching creatives. Christiansen's work as a copywriter, blogger, and entrepreneur has allowed him to develop efficient techniques to turn creative dry spells into a steady flow of words, drawings, or whatever your mind calls you to create. This course offers essential, practical knowledge on curating your environment, habits, and beliefs to set yourself up for creative productivity and success.

Favorite quote

Everyone has ideas, but what people don't tend to do is produce something with those ideas.

- Tanner Christiansen

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