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Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

Megan Auman

5 mins

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This course from CreativeLive focuses on the cornerstone of the global market - novelty. The course deals with all aspects of developing new products and finding new niches.


Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

Product Line Strategy: Expand Your Offerings

by Megan Auman


Finding good ideas for new products is not easy - in fact, it's a skill in its own right. Fortunately, no one knows novelty better than Megan Auman, a versatile entrepreneur with a number of successful products. Being a creator, designer, and metalsmith, Auman learned from her own experience what it takes to build a sustainable brand that has the capacity to maintain user satisfaction and loyalty. Besides developing a successful international jewelry business, Auman is also an educator who seeks to help aspiring creators achieve their potential. In this course offered through CreativeLive, Auman tackles all the topics of creating a new product, from pricing, collections, and design to wholesale and business thinking for creative people.

Favorite quote

It's easier to sell to someone who was bought from you before then to try to acquire a new customer. And so, when you're not releasing new products, you're not giving your existing customers a reason to buy from you again and again.

- Megan Auman

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