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Robert B. Cialdini

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Pre-Suasion takes you through the latest social psychology research to explain how marketers, persuaders, and our environment constantly influence and orient our thoughts and actions.




by Robert B. Cialdini


33 years after Influence stormed into the hearts of business owners, marketers, and managers and sold millions of copies, Robert Cialdini is back on the scene with his first solo book since then. Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade isn't about influencing people's decisions. It's about setting the stage the right way so they'll be ready to hear you out when you decide to come forward and speak your truth.

Pre-Suasion shows you two sides of the same coin: the way we're being pre-suaded in our everyday lives, and how we can use those very same tactics to persuade others. If you're a marketer, this'll help you dive into the psyche of your customers - and get them to buy more. If you're a frequent shopper, you'll open your eyes to why you buy things the way you do.

Favorite quote

In large measures, who we are with respect to any choice is where we are, attentionally, in the moment before the choice.

- Robert Cialdini

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