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PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Heather Ackmann

5 mins

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Microsoft Office Certified trainer Heather Ackmann shares her top PowerPoint tips and tricks that can help you take your presentations to the next level.


PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

by Heather Ackmann


Heather Ackmann is a Microsoft Office Certified Master with over 15 years of experience developing educational materials in virtual and face-to-face contexts. She has received the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award and is frequently consulted by Microsoft in the development of Office applications.

In this course, Ackmann shares some of the features that make Microsoft PowerPoint such a powerful presentation program. She focuses on a range of PowerPoint features you can use to make your presentation stand out, with a special focus on some of the latest features. Ackmann highlights some of the opportunities offered by Microsoft that we can take advantage of to give our presentations an even sharper edge, while also outlining things we should all avoid.

Favorite quote

If you haven't used PowerPoint lately, you haven't used PowerPoint.

- Heather Ackmann

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