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Planetary Boundaries

Johan Rockström, Sarah Cornell, Garry Peterson, The SDG Academy

5 mins

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This course from the SDG Academy explores emerging concepts and practices in sustainability to respond to environmental changes and chart a new, sustainable path for human progress.


Planetary Boundaries

Planetary Boundaries

by Johan Rockström


Our world and climate are changing, accelerated by the growing technology and industry of human civilization. As the human population continues to rise and more countries shift towards increased economic development, the strain on Earth's resources and systems has never been greater.

This edX course is taught by the SDG Academy in collaboration with Johan Rockström, co-director at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, as well as researchers and professors from the University of Stockholm. Readers will learn emerging concepts in the field of systemic sustainability to better understand the ecological limits of our planet and how to keep our civilization safely within them.

Favorite quote

We often portray ourselves as the big culprits of environmental change … let's rather see ourselves as not those who consumed the planet, we're now those who are stewards of the planet.

- Johan Rockström

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