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Phone Based Customer Service

Jeff Toister

5 mins

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Perfect for anyone in customer service, this handy course will teach you all the skills necessary for resolving customer inquiries over the phone.


Phone Based Customer Service

Phone Based Customer Service

by Jeff Toister


Whether you're in a customer service representative role or you have your own small firm, at some point, you'll have to communicate with a customer on the phone. Customer service is an opportunity to transform your customer's view of your business, but phone exchanges are particularly challenging as you can't see the other person or gauge their body language.

Thankfully, you can improve your service skills to meet the needs of your customers. Jeff Toister is a consultant and trainer specializing in service culture and bestselling author of The Service Culture Handbook. In this course, Toister will not only improve how you manage customer satisfaction over the phone, but also help you elevate your customers' overall experience.

Favorite quote

Make a difference in the lives of the customers that you serve.

- Jeff Toister

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