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Overcome Fear to Get What You Want

Noah Kagan

5 mins

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Overcome Fear to Get What You Want shows us how to deal with fear of failure by being our best self and understanding the psychology of business.


Overcome Fear to Get What You Want

Overcome Fear to Get What You Want

by Noah Kagan


We spend a lot of time resisting things because we are afraid of them. Then we finally step up to the plate and we discover that the thing we are afraid of is not actually that bad at all. Embracing uncomfortable situations helps us to get past our fears and achieve our goals.

Noah Kagan has faced many fears along his career path, one that has taken him from working as a product manager at Facebook in its early days to Director of Marketing at Mint. Today, Kagan shares his experiences with others, to help them better understand how to achieve what they want to.

In Overcome Fear to Get What You Want, Kagan shows us how to be our best self and to put this insight to use so we can realize our ambitions.

Favorite quote

Because we all face fear and fear for me is doing this presentation and every time that I've gone and faced fear and gone through that uncomfortable heartbeat because I know what I'm talking about afterward I was like, well, that wasn't so bad, right?

- Noah Kagan

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