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One Planet, One Ocean

Martin Visbeck, Avan Antia, The SDG Academy

5 mins

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Leading oceanographers explore the science of our ocean and its complex, interdependent relationship with humanity.


One Planet, One Ocean

One Planet, One Ocean

by Martin Visbeck


Humanity depends on the ocean. Not only are our seas key to the planet's climate and weather, but they provide jobs and food to over 800 million people. The ocean is also home to an awe-inspiring array of life and biodiversity. We must understand how the ocean works and properly look after it before it's too late.

Physical oceanographer Professor Martin Visbeck and marine biochemist Dr. Avan Antia, both of Kiel University, lead this edX course from the UN's SDG academy about our planet's ocean. One Planet, One Ocean covers the ocean's ecosystems and natural resources, its effect on our climate, and its economic, social, and political importance to humanity.

Favorite quote

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.

- Arthur C. Clarke, science-fiction writer and undersea explorer

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