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Nikon D810 Fast Start

John Greengo

5 mins

3 key insights

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This video course includes guidance on using the Nikon D810 and the basics of photography as an art form.


Nikon D810 Fast Start

Nikon D810 Fast Start

by John Greengo


Getting the right equipment – in the case of this course, a Nikon D810 – is only the start point for great photography. You have to know everything about each feature in order to get the most out of a camera. Especially a complex piece of equipment like the Nikon D810.

Different types of photography require different types of setups — you won't use the same options for both landscapes and portraits. John Greengo is an expert photographer, with more than 30 years of experience. He focuses on travel and outdoor photography, alongside helping aspiring photographers improve their knowledge and skills.

Favorite quote

Knowing your camera, knowing your lenses, and knowing photography is all part of the game for being a better photographer.

- John Greengo

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