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Networking Foundations: IP Addressing

Timothy Pintello

5 mins

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Networking Foundations: IP Addressing gives a comprehensive view of numbering systems, explaining the importance of a basic understanding of domains and IP addressing.


Networking Foundations: IP Addressing

Networking Foundations: IP Addressing

by Timothy Pintello


IP - Internet Protocol - represents a set of standards and requirements necessary for transmitting data across the network. It's a part of the network layer, used with upper-level protocols. Understanding basic rules of IP, as well as how both versions of the protocol - IPv4 and IPv6 - function is essential for anyone whose profession deals with the internet or corporate networks.

Timothy Pintello is a professor of computer science at Daytona State College, and an author of the textbook Introduction to Networking with Network+. Before entering the education realm as an associate professor and assistant chair of networking, Pintello also worked as a system administrator, network support specialist, and IT analyst.

Pintello reveals the foundations of DHCP and DNS IP addressing techniques, as well as the basic concepts and difference between logical and physical IP addressing, all necessary for a better understanding of computing.

Favorite quote

Because the internet has become such a large part of our lives a good understanding is needed to use this tool effectively.

- Rus Shuler, senior IT consultant

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