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Negotiating your salary

Valerie Sutton

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This course from LinkedIn Learning is designed to help individuals across industries and occupations advocate for themselves, and learn how to overcome their fears and negotiate the salary they deserve.


Negotiating your salary

Negotiating your salary

by Valerie Sutton


Negotiating your salary is never an easy task. Whether you've just been offered a position at a new company, or you're having a conversation with HR representatives about a raise, the salary conversation can be quite uncomfortable. You never know what to expect with salary, and there's always a possibility that your request will be denied – so where do you go from there?

Career coach Valerie Sutton understands just how difficult it can be for employees to discuss salary increases. Having taught at the Fox School of Business at Temple University, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, Sutton focuses on an individual's progress through their career and how they manage manage their decision-making processes. Negotiating Your Salary covers all the bases of this important conversation and teaches you how to prepare your approach, develop a negotiation story, and follow through with it regardless of the initial response you receive. Whether you want a raise at your current company or you're preparing for a hiring interview, this course will teach you the negotiation tactics to get the salary you deserve.

Favorite quote

Negotiating is about advocating for yourself. Remember, by negotiating, you set yourself up for success.

- Valerie Sutton

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