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Move Your Bus

Ron Clark

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Move Your Bus sheds some light on the different tiers of every organization, be it a school or a company, how leaders can inspire these different groups, and how individuals can move up and become more valuable to the organization they serve.


Move Your Bus

Move Your Bus

by Ron Clark


What if you were told that next Monday, you'd have to teach a class of schoolchildren? Not just any class, either, but a 4th-grade class in one of the toughest schools in Harlem, New York City. How would you do it? How would you approach this problem?

If you're at a loss and have no idea how to handle this matter, then you know how Ron Clark felt in the late 90s, before taking on this exact same challenge. For lack of a better idea, he simply tried everything. Being strict. Being nice. Being open. Being honest. And eventually, it worked. He got through to the kids. So much so, in fact, that their grades drastically increased, and they ended up scoring higher than the school's honor class in the state exam. Since 2007, Clark's been inspiring and helping teachers and educators make these kinds of changes in their own classrooms, running the non-profit Ron Clark Academy middle school in Atlanta, Georgia. In Move Your Bus, Clark lets you know how to recognize the different groups of people in any organization and deal with them in the best possible way to get the results you want.

Favorite quote

Treating everyone fairly isn't treating everyone equally.

- Ron Clark

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