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Most of the Universe Is Missing

Unexplainable, Noam Hassenfeld

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This March 2021 episode of the Unexplainable podcast explores the ongoing hunt for the invisible, elusive, and ever-present dark matter.


Most of the Universe Is Missing

Most of the Universe Is Missing

by Unexplainable


Scientists worldwide are searching for dark matter. Although it's the most common matter in the entire universe, we still don't understand it. And we can't find it. Dark matter is an invisible substance we can't even touch, but it's the key to answering many questions about the universe.

Most of the Universe is Missing is an episode of Vox's Unexplainable podcast series. Unexplainable is a show about everything we don't know, zooming in on some of the most fascinating unanswered questions in science. Hosted by reporter and producer Noam Hassenfeld, the episode uncovers the voices of experts and scientists as they seek to answer the unknown.

In this episode, Hassenfeld is joined by senior science reporter Brian Resnick as they look at the mysterious topic of dark matter. Although we know very little about it, scientists continue to conduct experiments in the hopes of finding it, though we may need to update our understanding of gravity.

Favorite quote

Everything we can see, everything we can touch, everything we know is just a tiny sliver of what the universe really is.

- Noam Hassenfeld

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