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More Orgasms Please

The Hotbed Collective

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Using honest conversation and practical tips, More Orgasms Please explores the disparities between male and female sexual pleasure — in its frequency, in the media, and in society's attitudes.


More Orgasms Please

More Orgasms Please

by The Hotbed Collective


Orgasm inequality is rife. Roughly 30% fewer straight women frequently climax during sex than straight men. More Orgams Please: Why Female Pleasure Matters debunks the heavily perpetuated myth that orgasm inequality is due to women being harder to please. The book seeks to help women reclaim sex as an enriching experience.

Lisa Williams and Anniki Sommerville are founding members of The Hotbed Collective. This group of activists works to give women the confidence to talk about sex and pleasure. The Hotbed Collective ethos is to combat shame with better knowledge of the female body. Williams and Sommerville start with basic anatomy and biology, moving from how bodies work to how we can pleasure them.

With its mixture of sex facts, practical advice, personal anecdotes, and feminist debate, More Orgasms Please demystifies and destigmatizes female pleasure.

Favorite quote

Such is the disregard science has shown, traditionally, for female sexual satisfaction, the actual shape and size of the clitoris was only discovered in 1998 … Did you know that spray cheese was invented in 1965?

- Williams and Sommerville

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