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Jonathan Sacks

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In Morality, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks delivers a powerful essay detailing the importance of unity in times of division, through finding common values, empathy, and the search for a common good.




by Jonathan Sacks


How do we define morality? Is it simply about recognizing the difference between right and wrong? Throughout the ages, the concept of our own morality has been studied by philosophers from Socrates and John Locke to Thomas Hobbes. Almost all religions have built their own interpretation of it.

In this book, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks uses his theological knowledge, as well as his impressive academic background in philosophy, to explore morality's importance to the survival of any society. He also explores the extent to which our views and conceptions of morality have changed over time, for better or for worse.

Sacks takes an honest look at our history, unpicking the inner workings of a political and social world where morals have been replaced by consumption, short-term profit, and a need for power.

Favorite quote

We need a little more 'we', and a little less 'I', if we are to negotiate some of the challenges the present century still has in store for us.

- Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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