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Modern Money Habits

Justin Bridges

5 mins

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Financial expert Justin Bridges teaches you how to manage your money so that you can confidently live your life to the fullest.


Modern Money Habits

Modern Money Habits

by Justin Bridges


Growing up, our parents would teach us that we need to learn how to save money for our future. They told us basic strategies for saving money: putting extra coins in the piggy bank, opening a bank account, and avoiding buying too many toys. These are helpful pieces of advice for kids, but they're not enough to make us financially stable as an adult.

One problem in our education system is that our schools don't teach financial literacy. As we grow older, we realize that knowing how to budget our money is one of life's most valuable skills. In this course, photographer, speaker, and Skillshare instructor Justin Bridges condenses his most valuable lessons on all things finance, including building your investments and nurturing your savings, so you'll be ready if rough times strike.

Favorite quote

Being comfortable and confident with your money really gives you the freedom to do the things that mean the most to you.

- Justin Bridges

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