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Missing: Alicia Navarro

Crime Junkie, Ashley Flowers

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This July 2021 episode of the Crime Junkie podcast presents the dark story of 14-year-old Alicia Navarro's disappearance and her mother's gut-wrenching plea to find her and fight online predators.


Missing: Alicia Navarro

Missing: Alicia Navarro

by Crime Junkie


Disappearances occur daily, many cases remaining unsolved for decades. Because the internet has become teenagers' main way of communicating, predators have found new, insidious ways of grooming their victims. Alicia Navarro disappeared in September 2019, leaving a gaping hole in her mother's heart — a brave woman determined to find her child.

Crime Junkie is a true-crime podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. The two childhood friends combine their research skills and journalistic abilities to bring forgotten stories to the front of the scene, raising awareness when it comes to murders and disappearances.

In this episode, the hosts let us in on the chilling disappearance of the 14-year-old Alicia Navarro, a heartbreaking case that remains unsolved. From the loss of her daughter to media scrutiny and judgment, Alicia's mother has persisted in her mission to find and punish predators.

Favorite quote

My daughter could be your daughter. Don't judge me. Learn from me.

- Jessica Nuñez

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