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Mindful Work

David Gelles

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Mindful Work is your guide to understanding how the practice of meditation took root in Western society, the many ways it radically improves your brain's ability to function, and how it can enhance your productivity.


Mindful Work

Mindful Work

by David Gelles


You're busy, stressed beyond your limits. You wish you could keep up with everything, but deep down, you know that's impossible. Although that weekend getaway might sound tempting, there are cheaper and easier ways to refresh your energy. If you do it right, you don't need to leave the office to refocus and re-energize yourself! All it takes is learning how to practice mindfulness at work.

David Gelles is an author and columnist for the New York Times. In Mindful Work, Gelles invites you to navigate the realms of mindfulness and apply its many benefits to your life.

Favorite quote

Meditation doesn't require us to wear robes, chant in a foreign language, or sit with our legs folded. Instead, mindfulness meditation simply asks that we take a comfortable position ... and observe our thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

- David Gelles

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