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Christopher Wylie

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Canadian whistleblower Christopher Wylie reveals how the notorious political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica influenced the 2016 U.S. elections and Brexit using the private personal data of millions of Facebook users.




by Christopher Wylie


With every 'like' and every interaction, we leave a digital trace that is collected and stored in databases by tech giants like Facebook and Google. But few of us have imagined the sorts of purposes our data can be used for.

Christopher Wylie is a Canadian data consultant formerly employed at Cambridge Analytica who exposed the company's manipulation of the U.S. presidential election. In this memoir, the whistleblower recounts how the consulting firm used targeted ads trained on the private data of millions of users to influence political campaigns all over the world. From Brexit to Trump, Mindf*ck is a gripping story of deceit, manipulation, and the power of data.

Favorite quote

I used to believe that the systems we have broadly work ... I was wrong. Our system is broken, our laws don't work, our regulators are weak, our governments don't understand what's happening, and our technology is usurping our democracy.

- Christopher Wylie

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