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Dr. Deepak Chopra

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Metahuman shows you how to tap into your unlimited potential by discovering a higher level of awareness surrounding the limits of your everyday reality.




by Dr. Deepak Chopra


Is there anything more to life than working, eating, and paying taxes? Like most people, you've probably wondered about this before. But in the end, we all get sucked into the mundanity of everyday events that keep us from looking for more.

How would it feel to get out of your current reality and into a better state of awareness of your full potential? The truth is, you can tap into this infinite power, you just need to learn how. According to author and physician Deepak Chopra, what you think is reality is actually a simulation.

All of our belief systems are unrealistic because they come from social conditioning. But like looking at a river's source instead of the murky water miles down the stream, you can see into the truth of existence. Just like Mozart, Feynman, and others, you can channel infinity, access the infinite potential of meta reality, and become metahuman. This exactly what we'll dive into here.

Favorite quote

To discover who you really are, you must go beyond who you think you are. To find peace, you must go beyond fear. To experience unconditional love, you must go beyond conditional love, the kind that comes and goes.

- Dr. Deepak Chopra

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