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Meditation for Life

Kino MacGregor

5 mins

3 key insights

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Meditation for Life is a series of short lessons and guided meditations for everyone – from beginners through seasoned practitioners.


Meditation for Life

Meditation for Life

by Kino MacGregor


For many of us, life can feel emotionally, mentally, and physically overwhelming. Building a meditation practice is a constructive way to cope with the challenges we face every day, but it's hard to know how to start.

In this class, instructor Kino MacGregor leads short and simple breath and focus practices, concentrating on one aspect of life at a time to allow you to calm your mind, body, and spirit.

MacGregor is a yoga and meditation instructor, author, and speaker. She's the founder of Omstars, a yoga and meditation learning platform.

Favorite quote

Allow your mind to be at peace with whatever arises.

- Kino MacGregor

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