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Me and White Supremacy

Layla Saad

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This antiracism handbook is for white readers who acknowledge the theory that white supremacy persists in themselves and our societies and want to work against injustice.


Me and White Supremacy

Me and White Supremacy

by Layla Saad


Racism is your problem, regardless of your skin color. While it's likely that most white people would profess to value racial equality, Layla F. Saad's mission is to encourage them to convert these values into proactive, antiracist living.

Saad is an author, antiracism educator, and speaker who created Me and White Supremacy on Instagram in 2018. What began as a month-long educational journey to help white people recognize and dismantle their unearned social supremacy is now a bestselling book. Saad shares wise words from a range of antiracism activists, alongside insights from history, culture, literature, the media, and her personal experience as a Black, Muslim woman of East African and Middle Eastern descent living in Qatar.

Aimed at white readers, this examines the white supremacy that suffuses our world, while detailing how to fight against the injustices leveled at BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) in our societies.

Favorite quote

Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.

- Cornel West, political activist

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